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Dr. MoNique E. Hunt, The Business Intuitive

Chief Intuitive Officer and Founder of

The  International Ancestor Wisdom School,

Master StoryClearing Practitioner


**OCTOBER 2018**

Dr. Monique E. Hunt

Dr. Monique E. Hunt is the founder and CIO (Chief Intuitive Officer) of The International Ancestor Wisdom School, a Master StoryClearer, and spiritual teacher.  She is the author of the Amazon Kindle Besteller, "Village Pearls:  Sacred Practices to Nourish Your Soul"  This powerful book is filled with spiritual practices contributed by 21 dynamic spiritual teachers, written to help those seeking a greater connection to their Wisdom Guides for clarify of their life purpose.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Engineering, a Master Degree in Metaphysics, and earned her Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Counseling.  She is a licensed, ordained Minister and Wedding Celebrant, and is also trained in Pranic Healing, EFT and Reiki.  She has been a presenter at PG&E, EMC Corporation, U.S. Coast Guard, Toastmaster's Conference, Blacks in Government Organization, Women's Empowerment Conferences, Community Action of Napa Valley, AT&T, CSU, Sacramento, UC San Francisco, the San Francisco Business Renaissance Center, and many other organizations around the globe.

As a third generation intuitive and Ancestor Griot, Dr. MoNique is uniquely qualified and divinely ordained to channel her connection with the Ancestors to treat her clients through her StoryClearing, Healing Sessions and practice of meditation.  She uses her powerful gifts help to alleviate the negative energy, pain, and grief encoded in the DNA through familial lineage, creating a breakthrough and restoration of hope in the lives of people all over the world.  In addition, Dr. MoNique is also a Sacred Celebrant with the capacity to custom design sacred ceremonies for clients to get in touch with their Ancestors to gain invaluable knowledge, tools for healing, and keys to finding their soul's purpose.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. MoNique to get further insight into her fascinating life's work.  Her journey and infinite wisdom will open your heart and mind to exploring what YOUR soul's purpose is for your journey.  

Interview with Dr. MoNique

Jeanette's Jewels:  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn more about your life's work.  You excel in so many areas and continue to reach new heights in your journey.  I believe we all have a specific purpose on this earth and though you are an expert in many fields, what would you say is your primary life passion, and how did you come to recognize it?

Dr. MoNique I am passionate about being a spiritual teacher and providing people with a spiritual gateway to the healing wisdom and guidance of their Ancestors and Spirit Guides. This work provides me with the opportunity to fulfill my soul’s purpose.  There have been many twists, turns, detours, potholes and roadblocks on my journey to recognize and live my purpose. I was a young engineer working in a job I didn’t enjoy, earning an excellent salary. I was frustrated and unhappy, and I knew I needed to make a change. I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing and I was determined to find it and live it. In 1996 I accepted a job as a corporate leadership trainer, and the path began to clear.  I learned skills that eventually helped me to assist others with their transformation.  On February 10, 1998, at 10 AM in the morning, I walked away from my job as a project engineer and leadership development trainer and traded my corporate office for a home office.  Although I was still a little confused about my next steps, I knew leaving was the best choice.

During the first few years of my business, I enrolled in every spiritual workshop and training program I could find, read books, and worked with spiritual mentors who helped me align with my gifts. I talked at length with my grandmother who was a gifted healer and learned about her traditions.  I connected with my Ancestors who guided and mentored me. On my spiritual journey I learned the best techniques, tools and spiritual principles to help others break free from an unsatisfying life.  It is during my journey that I realized I was passionate about sharing with others the spiritual principles, tools and rituals that I learned.

Jeanette's Jewels: That sounds like a beautiful journey of self-discovery and I have no doubt your story will inspire other women to seek out and live their true purpose.  How did your life change when you began living your passion?

Dr. MoNique:  With guidance from my Ancestors and Spirit Guides, I learned that our Ancestral wounds and cultural traumas are one of the biggest blocks to our success, prosperity, loving relationships and to fulfilling our soul’s purpose.  The Ancestors’ stories of grief have become our stories.  Working with the Ancestors, I started clearing my stories and discovering what was true for me.  I knew this work needed to be shared with others and with guidance from the spirit world, I created the Ancestor Wisdom School. Those who have worked with me in my StoryClearing sessions and the Ancestor Wisdom School have called in their soulmates, received promotions and raises, started full-time businesses, manifested perfect clients and have become more financially successful in business.  Seeing my clients’ lives change, hearing their stories and watching them live their soul’s purpose has been gratifying. Every day I wake up excited and looking forward to working with my clients.  I can’t say that about my career in corporate America.

Jeanette's Jewels What an amazing journey! I honestly don't know many people who wake up excited to go to work! What advice would you give to women who may not be fulfilled in their current positions in life and are trying to figure out how to live their best lives?

Dr. MoNique:   Living your best life to me means being clear about your soul’s purpose and seeking guidance and wisdom from a spiritual source much greater than yourself – the Creator, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Angels. It means being connected and listening to your soul, using your unique spiritual gifts to become a powerful, unstoppable force in the world.  It is waking up every morning knowing that you are being guided to the right resources, best choices and the people who are most in need of what you have to offer.  It is knowing that at the end of the day, you have done something to make life better for your family, friends, community and yourself.  It is living your soul’s calling  even when the world thinks you are crazy – and you do it anyway.  It is knowing when you need help and it is offering help to others without expecting anything in return.  Living your best life is knowing what makes you happiest and what makes you the most satisfied and doing it.  It is being surrounded by a village of incredible people who love you even when they may not understand your soul’s calling.  It is knowing that it is your birthright to love yourself and to be happy. 

Jeanette's Jewels:  That just went straight to my SOUL! I can't think of a more perfect definition of living your BEST LIFE.  I think that women of all cultures and backgrounds will resonate with your words.  I am an advocate for women of all ethnicities, and I'd love to know what you believe is the one thing that connects women all over the world to one another.

Dr. MoNique:   Our desire to be heard, to share, and connect without judgment.    

Jeanette JewelsLet the church say AMEN!  I couldn't agree more, and in light of everything going on right now in this country, these words have an even DEEPER meaning.  I am so genuinely amazed by your spiritual intuition and connection to not only the Ancestors, but to the many people you have helped all over the world.  You have devoted your life to helping others develop their personal belief systems, but what is YOUR most prominent belief and what life events helped to shape it?


Dr. MoNique “A people without knowledge of their past history, origin or culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey quoting an African proverb.

There is wisdom in your roots. I believe that connecting with your Ancestors and clearing the Karmic Stories embedded in your DNA creates a direct path to your success and happiness.  I believe Ancestors are our greatest gift.  When you  combine Ancestral rituals and ceremonies with intentional action, you will offer your best gifts to the world and help improve lives.

Jeanette's Jewels:  That sounds like the answer to the age-old question of how to save the world.  What a beautiful existence we would all experience if everyone offered the very best of their divine gifts to a world.  Utopia!   

It has been such an honor and pleasure to delve into the mind of one the great spiritual leaders of our time.  I just have one final question for you.  What is the most important message you would like to resonate with women who follow your life's work?

Dr. MoNique:  Your are your Ancestors’ wildest dreams. There are nine Karmic stories that your Ancestors may have experienced that might be disrupting your happiness and preventing you from experiencing the prosperity, success and love your desire.  Using Ancestral StoryClearing, you have the innate ability to clear these traumas and wounds to make your life more fulfilling. You are the dreams of thousands. You have unique gifts. You came into this life for a purpose. Your ultimate job is to use those gifts to live your soul’s Maybe your dreams have been put on the back burner.  Maybe they are in the distant past and have become a nightmare.  Perhaps you are feeling an urge to live your soul’s calling even when others are trying to silence you with their voices.  You have a village of Ancestors and Spirit Elders who are ready to help you live your soul’s story.  You have access to their guidance 24/7.  When you combine their wisdom with action, you will  be a powerful force in the world.

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