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5 Signs That You Are on the Right Path in Life

So what does it mean to be on the "right path" in life?

It means something different for every person on earth since we were all born to follow a specific path. There is no ONE path that is right for everyone, however there are universal signs that can help you determine if you are going in the right direction to reach YOUR purpose.

When you are in alignment with your desires and actively pursuing your life's dreams, your mind is focused on your goals which leaves very little time for any negative thinking that can get in the way of finding your rightful path. Here are 5 signs that you are happily on your way to living your purpose and having the life of your dreams:

1. You don't make life decisions based on what others think:

Most people like receiving positive acknowledgement from friends and loved ones for things they pursue and accomplish in life, but choosing to only go after the dreams that are first approved others sets limits on your life and ability to experience unconditional happiness. If you are making choices that come from your own definition of joy and fulfillment, you are well on your way along the right path.

2. You celebrate the success of others:

The peace that comes from knowing you have found your reason for living and are in the process of turning it into your life's work makes it very easy to be genuinely happy for another person reaching higher ground. There's no desire to be envious of someone else's success when you're actively pursing your own. In fact, it often serves as a catalyst to push you even harder to follow your goals to the finish line. When you can find true joy in celebrating someone else, you've reached a coveted position in life and releasing good energy that is already on it's way back to YOU.

3. Happiness becomes a natural element of your life:

The path to your purpose is an exciting one. You literally wake up each day with excitement about following through on a new idea or continuing work on a project that will get you closer to your dreams. Visualizing the life that you are working towards creates hope, which creates an abundance of happiness that you can tap into anytime of the day, no matter what you are doing. Even if you are still working a job to support your dreams and not currently able to live your ideal life full-time, you will still have happiness at your disposal with just the knowledge that you are actively on the path to creating your most amazing lifestyle.

4. Your focus in inward and not fixated on the lives of others:

When you accept and BELIEVE that you can create any life that you can conceive, the need to worry about what anyone else is doing in their personal life becomes non-existent. You are far too busy creating your own reality and tweaking it so that it's just right for you and those you are sharing it with. This does not mean you become self-absorbed, it just means that you are doing what we were all put here to do, and that is to find our purpose and to LIVE it. Focusing on what other people are doing more than yourself leads to a life that passes you by while others go on to find the happiness that has been promised to all of us.

5. You don't make excuses for why you can't achieve your dreams:

You have overcome the negative internal conversations that tell you dreams don't come true, or that you don't have what it takes to create the life you want. You are going after them every day and have already been at it long enough to see a few come true, or you at least have the understanding that anything pursued with persistence and BELIEF eventually comes true by witnessing it in the lives of others. You don't back away from pursuing the life you want because you know you have the power and natural ability to make it happen. Instead of procrastinating or making excuses, you instead dive into your journey with hope and determination to make it your living and breathing reality.

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