A Love Letter to Black Men ❤️

Updated: Jun 9

Photo Credit: cccco.news

My Love,

I love you...unconditionally.

I was tailor-made to be your comfort, your strength, your support, and your peace in this world. Loving you is my heart’s ultimate joy.

You see, I understand what you face each day out in the world. As a Black man, you have a burden on your shoulders that other men don’t have to carry. And I know it gets heavy sometimes, even when you are expected to be so strong.

But Baby, I‘m here so you will NEVER have to carry it alone. I will be by your side and have your back through it all. That is my promise to you.

When I wake up next to you, I smile when I see your delicious skin, from the darkest, richest chocolate to the sweetest, most succulent caramel.

When you walk, I see the strength in your body from the top of your head to your broad shoulders, to your muscular arms, to your powerful legs, and down to your toes.

When you pull me into a warm hug to kiss me before you leave, your lips send an electric current through my body that flows straight to my heart. You make me feel so safe, so protected, and so LOVED. My soul is connected to yours for eternity.

But Babe, I know the world that greets you on the other side of our door doesn’t always love you the way I do.

Your handsome brown skin that I adore may be seen as a menacing threat to others.

Those broad shoulders that look so incredible in your suits, may strike fear in someone who doesn’t know your heart.

Your muscular arms that have held me until I fell asleep are the same arms that could be pinned behind your back and handcuffed by some trigger-happy cop who ”thought you had a weapon.“

And those powerful legs that wrap around mine in our most passionate moments could be broken if you “fit the description“ of a possible suspect.

I know you are led by LOVE and only use your commanding power to protect me and to preserve your own life. But I also understand that for some, your power elicits FEAR.

I’ve seen the sadness in your eyes when you’ve been followed by sales associates in stores, or when someone avoids walking near you in the street.

I‘ve watched you hide disappointment when you weren’t chosen for jobs you were the most qualified to do.

I ached when you were assumed to be a criminal just for being a Black man.

And my heart breaks to think that your life could be taken by men who are supposed to PROTECT YOU, simply because you were born wrapped in your beautiful brown skin.

If I could, I would change the hate and fear in the hearts of anyone who didn’t see you through my eyes. But while I’m working on that, there’s something more powerful I CAN do right now.

I can LOVE you, HONOR you, COMFORT you, SUPPORT you, and be your PEACE in this world. I can be your refuge and your sweet sunshine on a stormy day. I can be a compassionate ear when you want to share what’s on your mind. I can be a safe place for you to let your guard down, take off your armor, and just be YOU.

My love never judges, doubts, criticizes, or emasculates. Its only purpose is to feed your SOUL.

Please don’t ever let the hatred in this world make you lose sight of exactly who you are:

an extraordinarily gifted, intelligent, strong, powerful, resourceful, innovative, kind, loving, passionate, and invincible KING.

My heart is in your hands forever and I will take care of yours for all eternity.


The Love of Your Life❤️

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