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Intention is EVERYTHING: How to set intentions that will change your LIFE

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer

The intentions you set each day become the life that you live.

Yep, it's that simple.

And if you aren't living the life that you hoped you would, you can easily change that by setting intentions that match up with your desires.

An intention is similar to setting a goal, but it goes a bit deeper. A goal is a something you are trying to do that you craft an action plan to achieve. But the intention is what actually makes the goal a reality. When you intend something, you EXPECT it to happen, without a shadow of doubt. And that unyielding belief in what you intend to happen creates the energy, that creates the guarantee, that it WILL become a part of your experience.

A goal without intention is a fruitless pursuit.

What do you intend for your life? Do you intend to have financial freedom? A loving, lasting relationship? A healthy mind and body? More time to do the things you want to do? The ability to travel whenever you choose? Earning your living doing what you really love to do?

Most of us want these things, even dream about them, but often we don't INTEND to have them. We get caught up in being "realistic" and tell ourselves silly little things like, it's too much to expect to have exactly what we want, or it will take a lifetime to achieve our goals, or not everyone was intended to live a fabulous lifestyle.

Well, I'm here to tell you that if you make the commitment to yourself to start setting intentions for your life for ANYTHING thing you want (no matter how outrageous it may seem to others), you will begin to live the life you may have never thought possible. (Yes, YOU.)

Here are 3 ways to help jump start setting intentions that will change your life for the better.

  1. Release the desire to be REALISTIC: Nothing that you intend for your life that you can clearly conceive of is unrealistic. So let go of the notion of staying in the proverbial box of what you may have been told, or have allowed yourself to believe is possible. The life you are living right now represents what you feel you are capable of up to this point. If you desire more, you must INTEND to have, do or be more. Let your mind be as free and creative as possible as you begin to set new intentions for your life to manifest the change you want to experience.

  2. Create your intentions as first person affirmations: Think of a time you intended for something to happen. You expected it and probably didn't think twice about it after you set the intention. That is exactly what you need to do for the intentions you set to create a more fulfilling life. Here are some examples of first person affirmations to set intentions:

  • I intend to become a (fill in the blank)

  • I intend to have (fill in the blank)

  • I intend to experience (fill in the blank)....and so on

Make a list to lock in your intentions and use as a visual reminder of your desires. Repeat them in your mind (or out loud) when you review your list to make the intentions a part of your natural belief system.

An intention becomes invincible when it is matched with unrelenting belief

3. Open your mind to ALLOW the intention to manifest: Keep your thoughts positive about your intentions. The more excitement you can generate about what you have intended to happen, the easier the ideas will begin to flow into your consciousness to help create your reality. Don't get caught up thinking about why it won't happen for you, or even when it will happen. The moment you introduce doubt into your thought-process, the journey to receiving what you intended will begin to drastically slow down. Keep the momentum going by imagining the added value to your life when your intentions manifest. Think of how much more fun and FREE your life will be as a result of receiving what you intended. The more positive energy you generate around an intention, the easier your journey towards it will become.

Avoid negative thinking (and people) that make you begin to question your intentions. If the intention is something you can conceive of happening in your life, all you need to do is keep the power of your belief behind it to make it happen.

So...the question is...what do YOU intend for your life?

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