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Satisfaction Guaranteed: How to Get (and KEEP) Your Happy

I recently saw a meme that has gone viral that read:

"I cannot control what I attract, but I WILL control what I accept."

The sentiment is coming from a good place because it is encouraging people to empower themselves by exercising their right to choose what they will allow into their lives. But the premise is something I have to disagree with.

"You CAN control what you attract! Not only can you CONTROL it, you can CREATE it."

Any action plan that we pursue in life is to get to one ultimate goal: to be HAPPY and to achieve SATISFACTION.

Whether you are seeking financial freedom, a better career, a loving relationship, a slender figure, or anything else the world, the hope in achieving these things is that it will bring unconditional satisfaction to your life. We all naturally have a desire to be happy, but most believe that happiness is something that is hard to come by, or promised only to a select few, or just a temporary feeling because it will always have to be balanced out with sadness or an undesirable event.

This couldn't be FURTHER from the truth.

The first thing to understand about yourself and your ability to achieve satisfaction in all areas of your life, is that your THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY.

Every thought you have serves to attract people, situations and opportunities into your life that MATCH what you are focusing on. For example, if you devote the majority of your day worrying about what will go wrong, your thoughts will literally create circumstances that equate to whatever you are worrying about. It is the reason Murphy's Law, "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" has so much power. What you THINK will happen, is exactly what will be, whether it is what you want or not. So in order to achieve the ultimate level of happiness and satisfaction, you have to begin to create thoughts focused on what you DESIRE.

Here are three easy steps that you can begin practicing TODAY to attract the people, situations and circumstances that will give you the most satisfaction and happiness that is specific to YOUR desires:

1. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT - Allow the thoughts of what you believe will give you the most satisfaction when they show up in your life to become your DOMINANT thoughts. Think about them every time you have a free moment, SEE yourself having them, and imagine what it will FEEL like. Create scenarios in your mind of the kind of life you will live once your desires arrive. Begin to act in ways that suggest you ALREADY HAVE whatever it is. It's like playing pretend as an adult, but the key here is to BELIEVE that it is possible. Practice doing this every day and soon it will become second nature and when it does, the strong vibrations you have created will begin to ATTRACT your desires into your life.

2. DISMISS FEELINGS OF LACK AND CONCENTRATE ON THINKING ABUNDANTLY - Understand and accept that there will always be enough in this world for every single human being. THERE IS NO LACK THAT EXISTS THAT WILL PROHIBIT YOU FROM GETTING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. There is more than enough goodness to go around. Thinking and operating from a place of lack will immediately put up roadblocks and caution tape on your path to achieving lasting satisfaction. When you believe that what you want is in limited supply, you cannot think of what you want from a place of happiness of joy. Instead, you will think of it from a place of DESPERATION and your pursuit of it will be like a drowning person gasping for air, instead of person relaxing on a beach in PEACE. Calm your mind and believe that everything you ever wanted can and WILL be yours. What is for you will NEVER be taken away or be in short-supply.

3. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY - I can already see the eyes rolling at this one, but hear me out. When you are engaged in activities that make you happy, you feel good, right? You are probably not thinking of things to worry about, or to be mad about, or anything that will make you sad. When you are happy, your thoughts are lighter and tend to be more positive. This mindset attracts MORE and MORE similar thoughts that keep your happy feeling alive. From this positive thought pattern, you are PRIME for generating the essential energy necessary to bring more of what will sustain your happy demeanor into your life. In other words, feeling happy and thinking happy thoughts will serve to bring your desires into your world QUICKER. As a result, your journey to satisfaction will accelerate faster than you may have ever imagined that it would, and the life and experiences you have dreamed of will become a part of your immediate (not years down the line) REALITY.

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