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The Truth About Negative Energy and Three Simple Ways to Rid it From Your Life

What exactly is energy and why is negative energy so bad for you?

The easiest way to understand how energy works is to notice how you feel when you are around certain people or situations.

Think of a time when you were with someone who either made you feel mad, uncomfortable, or sad just from being in their presence or engaging them in conversation. This may be someone who was either angry, complaining about something, or discussing a situation that in their opinion was hopeless, but had no desire to hear any suggestions on how to make it better. You may have felt emotionally (and even physically) drained after being around them and listening to them "vent" about whatever was going on in their life, which is why it's important to be careful of lending your ear to each and every person that just wants to get something off their chest.

We are all made up of energy which we can transfer to one another through our interactions. Our personal energy is generated based on what we think about and focus on the most. When we allow those thoughts to play out in our lives, they become the energy that defines our personalities and how we are perceived by others. The words we speak, the physical actions we take, and how we feel emotionally all serve to create the type of energy we carry around, and as a result, the kind of energy that we give off to others. And when we are constantly thinking self-defeating thoughts, focusing on everything that is wrong in the world, and talking about it with anyone who will listen, we are giving off negative energy to whomever we come into contact with and subconsciously transferring that energy to unsuspecting victims.

Bad Vibes

Most people have heard the phase "bad vibes" but let's just focus on the "vibes" for now. Vibes, or vibrations, are the catalyst to transfer energy from one form to another. Vibrations exist in every living organism and seek out other beings who are on the same frequency to share their energy with.

For instance, two people who are equally upset about a similar situation and proceed to talk (or vent) with each other about it on a regular basis are on the same frequency, or as the saying goes "the same wave-length." This just means they share the same frame of mind or emotion about a particular subject.

When you surround yourself with bad vibes, the energy that you give off becomes negative and as a result, your frequency level will begin to attract MORE negative people and experiences. The term "birds of a feather flock together" is a perfect example of how vibrations work. Since our thoughts determine our energy and vibrations, and since we subconsciously seek out people and situations that match our frequency, we naturally gravitate towards people who share similar opinions, thoughts, and ideas to our own.

If we allow ourselves to become comfortable with negative energy or easily accept it from others when they are looking to transfer it in the form of fruitless vents, we are making ourselves much more susceptible to drawing all things negative into every aspect of our lives. If you've ever felt that bad people, situations and circumstances seem to follow you around no matter what you do, take a minute to review what kind of thoughts you are having, what type of conversations you've allowed yourself to be a part of, and what kind of people you interact with on a daily basis. If you find that the majority of those components are filled with negative content, simply limiting your contact with those type of situations will help to change your energy and frequency levels, and as a result, turn your negative experiences into positive exchanges.

Three simple ways to rid negativity from your life NOW:

1. Avoid the "Venters": Hanging out with a friend to discuss things going on in our lives is healthy, fun, and the best form of free therapy. But if you realize that the majority of your interactions are just you listening to your friend vent about anything and everything and there is no positive conversation (or even a reciprocation of the ear for you to speak your mind) to counteract all the negativity, it might be wise to keep your conversations with this particular friend to a minimum. They may not even realize that their venting is weighing you down, but that's exactly what it will do. It also will eventually change your frequency to a negative vibe, causing you to attract "venters" from every place in your life. Keeping things sort and quick with this type of friend will help to keep your energy on the positive side.

2. Stop watching the local news: Everyone likes to stay informed and aware of what's going on in their cities and the world around them. But if you pay attention to the local news, you'll see that the majority of the stories report what is going wrong, who was killed, kidnapped or attacked, or what disaster has happened or is on the way to wreck havoc in your world. Filling your mind with that type of information, particularly right before you go to bed (since most local news is at 11pm), is the worst thing you can do for your personal energy. Those images sink into your subconsciousness and end up playing out in your life for reasons you may not initially understand. Keep it light. If you must watch the news, just stick to the first five minutes, which is when all the major stories are discussed, and then turn off the TV and find something else more fun to do after 11pm :)

3. Be aware of what you THINK about: Worrying, rehashing past hurt, and envious, hateful, or vengeful thoughts, are just a few things to be mindful of allowing into your stream of consciousness. What you think about and focus on the most becomes the type of energy that you personally create and begin to attract by default. This is the reason it is so important to keep your thoughts as happy and enjoyable as possible to make sure you draw only positive experiences into your life. No one is completely exempt from experiencing difficulties in life that may make our thoughts turn dark or unpleasant, but being conscious of what you are thinking and more importantly, how those thoughts make you feel, will serve as an internal barometer to let you know when you need to make an effort to change your thoughts up and search for something to think of that will bring happier feelings.

Start today by making an effort to be conscious of the type of energy that is around you on a daily basis and ask yourself: Do the interactions I have with my friends make me feel good? Are the shows I watch on TV giving me a positive feeling? Do I show more gratitude than I complain? Do I consciously try to be happy and reach for positive thoughts throughout the day?

If you answered yes to all of those question, congratulations!! You are one of the lucky few who consciously operates on a positive energy frequency, and are likely experiencing a very peaceful and fulfilling journey. But if you said no to even one of the questions, it's not too late to turn your energy from negative to positive and to begin to use energy to dictate the type of life that you want, and that will bring you all the happiness you deserve.

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