Jeanette C. Espinoza is an author, speaker, and creator of Jeanette's Jewels™ book series and products. She is a new generation thought leader and light worker who has devoted her life to empowering women to love and respect themselves unconditionally, to identify their life's passion and live it fearlessly, and to believe in their worthiness relentlessly.  She believes that anyone can create their desired reality by having faith in their higher source and following the principles of the law of attraction.


After escaping my physically and mentally abusive marriage, I thought the worst was behind me, but little did I know, there were more painful lessons in store.  The year of 2008 brought a loss of my home, my job, my car, and my entire savings.  And through this storm, while I was doing my best to raise my two children,  I received news of a life-threatening illness which led to my battle with severe depression in secrecy. But with faith in God and perseverance, I was able to not only overcome my trials, but to emerge stronger, grateful, and more determined than ever to make a difference. 


I rebuilt my life one step at a time by studying everything I could get my hands on about achieving inner peace and finding the path that was specific to me. Once I understood that I had the ability to create my own reality by having faith in a higher power and believing in myself, I embarked on an incredible journey that would lead me to the eternal happiness, peace, and abundance that I had longed for the majority of my adult life.  And now I would like to share the lessons I learned in hopes of empowering women to believe that no matter what trials have crossed their paths, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


My sole desire is to provide the motivation, inspiration, and empowerment for you to fall in love with yourself and believe that any dream can become your tangible reality.  By creating content through self-help books that promote the desire to live your best life, positive quotes and affirmations to use as daily mantras, and the soon to be released women's empowerment products from Jeanette's Jewels to reinforce your greatness, I hope to keep you madly in love with yourself.  You were born with the power to create miracles and I want to bring you to a place of not only accepting this truth about yourself, but to begin living the life of freedom and happiness that you so rightfully deserve!

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