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Jeanette C. Espinoza

Jeanette C. Espinoza is an author, anti-racism activist, speaker, and creator of Jeanette's Jewels empowerment books and guided journal series. 

She is passionate and dedicated to the movement of eradicating racism and white supremacy to create a safe and nurturing environment for Black women and girls.  She is a regular contributor to Medium's publication and is a Top Writer on the topics of Racism and #BlackLivesMatter.

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Facilitating conversations with White women to discuss how they can use their power to fight racism and create an equitable society by raising anti-racist children.

Empowering, nurturing, and encouraging Black women to take REST, prioritize SELF-CARE, and allow others to take the lead in the fight for liberation.


Crusading to end white supremacy one person at a time with continuous engagement and detailed action plans.


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