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5 EASY Ways to Create Energy that Attracts Everything You Want

If you know me or have read anything I've written, you already know how I feel about the importance of positive energy. All energy, whether positive or negative, creates a VIBRATION (or some may call it an aurora) around you that sends out the most powerful signal to attract EVERY person and experience you have into your life. You literally create your reality with the vibrations you give off that are specific to YOU and how you choose to THINK and FEEL.

Obviously, feeling good and being happy serves to give you the best vibrations. It makes your positive energy levels much higher, giving you the ability to attract the things you most desire.

But since life has it's "moments," it may not always be possible to feel happy every second of the day. The good thing is there are a few no-brainer ways to easily create good vibrations with the most potent energy to help you create the most fulfilling life journey. These are not the usual suggestions you may hear like meditation, or developing a new spiritual belief, or reciting positive affirmations (although, there is a VERY amazing book that has 365 days of affirmations and messages that would definitely be helpful-wink). These tips are simple things you can do every day without making any drastic changes to your lifestyle or taking up a lot of your time.


Watch a funny TV show, go to a comedy club, or just do anything that makes you laugh uncontrollably. Laughter is probably one of the QUICKEST ways to raise you vibrations to create positive energy in your life. And it's also contagious, so not only will you have tons of good vibes, but everyone around you will too.

2. TAKE A TRIP TO THE BEACH (Pools and lakes work fine too)

There's an undeniable healing power that comes from being around water. I don't think anyone can deny how relaxing it is to lie on the beach all day in the warm sun. The sound of waves or the flow of a river creates a naturally soothing energy that helps to release stress and instantly raise your vibrations


How do you honestly feel after watching the news and hearing about what devastating tragedy happened that day? Most people don't feel so good and then begin to worry about things in their OWN lives which can cause stress, anxiety and unhappiness. Besides, being informed of deaths, accidents, and general mayhem doesn't help you or anyone else. Posting, re-tweeting, or discussing these tragic stories only serves to bring not only YOUR vibrations to drastically low levels, but everyone else that engages you about it. Energy flows where energy goes, so trade the local news for a good book, an interesting Pod cast, or a magazine that has stories with your interests to help raise your vibration.


No matter what your definition of "cool" is, it usually means people you like, or make you feel good, or bring an element of fun and excitement to your life. Seek these people out EVERY DAY and spend as much time with them as possible. This is one of the most enjoyable ways to raise your vibration to create positive energy. Not only does it work when you're with these people, but just anticipating being in their presence serves to continue the process of vibrating higher even when they aren't around!


We all have songs that either bring back good memories, are great to dance to, or just make us feel good because of the lyrics or melody. I personally keep earbuds in my ear as often as possible because "music is my heart and soul....more precious than gold" (thanks Marvin for the lyrics). Find your FAVORITE songs and even venture into a genre you wouldn't normally listen to. It will definitely create a continuous flow of positive energy with vibrations so high you'll be amazed at how you can't seem to stop attracting anything you want.

One last thing.....

I say this so much, but it's because I believe it's worth repeating:


There will always be people who are skeptical of this process. It sounds entirely too easy for some to believe that simply changing how you feel and what you choose to think about can be life-changing. But vibrations and energy are very real and we create them every day, whether we are aware of it or not. Every thought, all the things we see, hear, and talk about, and the energy from people we come into contact with become the personal energy we create. Life doesn't just happen to you. You are creating it every second of every day, so keep your thoughts LIGHT, de-clutter your mind from self-defeating and negative thoughts, and focus on the GOOD in every aspect of your life to create useful, positive energy that WILL work in your favor.

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