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Alignment Is The New Hustle

Updated: Jul 23, 2018


When I think of that word, I immediately go back in time to gym class in junior high school. Remember when you had to do all those terrible drills that made you sweat out your hairstyle but never seemed to serve any real purpose?

And all the while, the coach is blowing the whistle at you and shouting, "HUSTLE! You gotta HUSTLE!!"

I knew back then the word "hustle" was not one of my favorites.

As an adult, I was re-introduced to the word hustle as a single parent. To make ends meet, everyone told me I needed a "side hustle" in addition to my job so that I'd always have extra money. Then I had to "hustle" to make it to the daycare on time to avoid being charged the $1 per minute fee for being late, "hustle" to get through traffic to make it to work on time, "hustle" to keep up with all my responsibilities and still keep my head above water....

Hustle was STILL not one of my favorite words!

But after looking for different ways to alleviate the stress associated with being an adult, I came across some valuable information from a group of metaphysicists and their studies of the laws of the universe - and it changed my LIFE.

They described how the law of attraction works, which is: "like attracts like." This means whatever you think and feel about the most is what is attracted into your life.

So if you want a particular thing to manifest in your experience, you have to become a match to how you would feel one you received it. In other words, you have to put yourself in ALIGNMENT with your desires in order to receive them.

For example: let's just say you want to have more money (who doesn't?). If you went around feeling your lack of money, telling everyone who would listen how broke you are, getting your paycheck and instead of showing gratitude, making statements like, "As soon as I get it, it's already gone!" this would only serve to keep you further out of alignment with what you want.

To be in alignment and successfully manifest more money, you have to first show GRATITUDE for what you already have, on a regular basis. Make it a daily ritual to give thanks for the many blessing you have because we all have them. If you are reading this, you either have a computer or a smart phone which many people don't, so there's your blessing #1. Think of as many you can and give thanks for them each day. This always feels good because once you start doing it, you begin to recognize all the things that are sometimes take for granted.

Next, you have to allow yourself the FEEL THE FEELINGS OF HAVING THE MONEY RIGHT NOW. This is when your imagination comes into play. Think of why you want the money and imagine yourself doing all those things because the money has appeared in your bank account. Let yourself daydream about this as often as possible, until it slowly becomes a part of your belief system. A belief is simply a practiced thought that you hold to be true, so you can teach yourself to believe that what you desire can and willcome to you.

Once you have learned to show regular gratitude and to feel the feelings of having what you desire right now, the final thing you need to do is to ALLOW it into your life. By allowing it, this means release any resistance and doubt that it will manifest. One of the biggest reasons people do not receive what they want is because they subconsciously sabotage the manifestation process by going back to thinking of all the reasons why it won't or can't happen. Keep your thoughts light and positive, and put your mind in the place of receiving your desires to guarantee they will manifest in your life.

It really is that simple, I promise.

But please don't go check your account tomorrow and expect to see a million dollar balance!

It works, but it's definitely not magic. It is the power behind aligning your thoughts with your desires that brings opportunities, ideas, and people into your life to turn your desires into your reality.

It will work if you stay positive, make how you feel in every situation a priority, and as always, if you BELIEVE.

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