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Why Is it So Hard to Get What I Want? (Here's the answer, and how to break this cycle for GOOD)

Is there something you've wanted for as long as you can remember, but it still hasn't become a part of your life?

Maybe it's more money, a better job, a mate, a fit body, or anything that you've been wishing and praying for that hasn't come true. You think about it all the time, you talk about it with anyone who will listen, and every day you wonder when it will FINALLY happen for you.

But what if I told you there was only ONE thing standing in the way of you and whatever it is that you want the most, and that YOU are the one who can take that obstacle away? Well, that is completely TRUE and I'm here to let you know what has been holding you back from what you've always wanted:

It's because your focus has been on WHY it isn't happening and feeling the emptiness of NOT having it.

Seem too simple? I know, it sounds pretty basic, but here's why it's the truth:

What you think about and focus on passionately will ALWAYS become a part of your reality. This is a guarantee for every single person on earth, and there are NO exceptions. So when you think about what you want most from a place of lack, it will only serve to create more lack in your life, where your desire is concerned.

For example, let's say you want more money to create a life of financial freedom. If your thought process about having more money is consumed with thoughts like below, you are unknowingly blocking your financial blessings:

"My money is always gone before I get it."

"As soon as my check hits the bank and I pay my bills, I'm broke again."

"I never have enough money to travel or buy the things I want."

This type of thought process keeps your focus on feeling as if there is NOT ENOUGH. When you operate from a place lack, it is impossible to imagine abundance. Since your thoughts serve to create the people, places, and things that will materialize in your life (and there are NO exceptions to this rule for any person on the planet), the fact that your dominant focus is that of lack and not having enough of what you need financially, you can only receive more of what you do not want, because the universe can only deliver what you believe to be TRUE.

But there is a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel, I promise you there is! And that light is the light that lives within YOU, because you have the power to turn this around.

You always have!

Follow these three steps to begin the process of ALLOWING your desires to manifest in your life:

1. Focus on what you WANT to manifest in your life:

Let go of any thoughts of lack and train your mind to think of the experiences you wish to have. Let yourself daydream about whatever it is, and be as detailed as you can with your thoughts to allow yourself to FEEL the good feelings that come along with what you want. The more you allow yourself to think of what you want, the quicker your desires will manifest in your life. Abundance is created first in your MIND and what you can imagine will ALWAYS become your reality. This is not through some magical process, this is created by YOU and your ability to focus your mind on your desires instead of what you do not have. This is how you use your energy to draw what you want into your life like a magnet.

2. Don't get caught up in your current situation:

Unless you already have the finances, career, mate, or lifestyle that you desire, it's important not to get caught up in your present situation and develop the belief that you have no power to change the circumstances. You have to be able to look BEYOND what is happening around you at the moment and create the image in your mind of what you WISH to become your reality. Concentrating on WHAT IS will never get you to what CAN BE. Give yourself 15 minutes out of each day to meditate on only on what you want the rest of your life to represent. Life happens and it may be difficult to completely live in your dreams 24/7, but allowing yourself at least a SMALL portion of time to create your desired reality in your mind will help change your energy, and increase your faith in what is possible for you in your IMMEDIATE future.

3. Allow your desires into your life - do not block them with negative thinking:

Break the cycle of self-defeating talk TODAY. Tell yourself a NEW story, filled with all of the abundance you desire, whether it is increased finances, a love interest, a new career, or whatever it is that you believe will create a happy existence. A negative thought will serve to create another, and another, and yet ANOTHER because what you think of the most grows in your mind and becomes your reality by default. Cancel out this creation of your life experiences by default and DELIBERATELY create your lifestyle by DELIBERATELY choosing thoughts that make you feel GOOD and accentuate the things you wish to manifest. Positive thinking, coupled by gratitude and belief, is the fastest way to allow your desires into your world. Make it a DAILY practice to replace your negative thoughts with a positive one, to counteract the road-blocks that are formed by believing the worst in situations and not acknowledging that you ALWAYS have the power to create the reality that will bring you the most joy and abundance.

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