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Manifestation 101: How To Create Your Own Reality (Yes, You Can REALLY Do It)

What if you could literally create anything you wanted and make it a reality in your life?

Think about that for a minute.

This is not a trick, a gimmick, or a scam. This is a power that each and every person on the planet has the ability to use and as children we not only knew this, but we practiced it on a daily basis. When we were young and idealistic, we would dream and play make-believe for hours on end, imagining ourselves in the most desirable places or positions, and then we would act out our fantasies which allowed us to feel the feelings of what it would be like to have or be whatever we were dreaming of.

However as adults, we were told to be "realistic" which in essence damaged our ability to dream and to realize that all of us have the knowledge to serve as co-creators in our lives to bring about the existence that is our own brand of happiness. But it is never too late to regain the understanding necessary to awaken our power to manifest any desire that we can conceive.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the act of creating the atmosphere for your innermost desires to become a tangible reality in your life. You create that atmosphere by having positive thoughts when contemplating the things you want most to experience in your life, and by believing without a doubt that these desires will come to you. The common thought for having the things you want is that they will come to you only after years of hard labor, deprivation, and sacrifice, and even then, there is no guarantee that you will get everything you are hoping to experience.

But that is simply not the case. There is a reason people exist in this world who are living amazingly fulfilled lives and have an inner peace that seems almost unreal. These people have an understanding that anything they can conceive of in their minds can be created and lived as their daily reality. And you are no different from any of these amazing human beings.

What are the steps to manifesting the things I want in my life?

Step One: Get clear about what you want and put your desire into the universe.

Most people have a general idea of what they would like to have in life, but because of the underlying belief that not everyone can have what they want and that only a select view can achieve an abundance of wealth, good health, love, or any other desirable experiences, most people won't allow themselves the pleasure of any prolonged thinking of their idea of a perfect existence. But in order to manifest what you want as quickly as possible, it is necessary to define what it is that you want, and to be as specific as possible, because whatever you give thought and energy to will eventually become a part of your immediate reality.

Make lists, make a vision board, keep a journal and add to it regularly, as our wants and desires are constantly evolving. Whatever works best for you to keep your desires in the fore-front of your mind is what you will need to do to begin the manifestation process. The more clear you become about what you want, the easier it is to keep these thoughts in your head and to contemplate what having them in your life will do for you on a daily basis.

Step Two: Accept that you are WORTHY to receive whatever it is that you want.

Understand that the Creator, in His infinite wisdom and unconditional love for you, created this vast and truly amazing universe as your own personal playground. It is equipped with everything anyone of us will ever need in abundance, so there is more than enough to go around. You came to be not just because your parents made it possible, but because of a much larger, more powerful force at work that knew even before you got here that you would have a one-of-a-kind purpose to carry out during your time here. You are a SPECIAL, PRECIOUS, AND PRICELESS person that deserves to have whatever you desire.

Loving yourself and understanding your worth is crucial to manifesting your desires. When you feel worthy, you don't second guess or doubt that what you want should be a part of your world. You develop a gratitude for receiving what you are entitled to and with time, having the desires of your heart becomes a humble expectation that is translated to the universe as you allowing all the good you wish to create to become your reality.

Step Three: Stop thinking of "what is" and begin to focus on "what will be"

An important part of manifestation is allowing yourself to feel the feelings of having what you desire BEFORE you receive it. This can be achieved by using positive affirmations, meditating on what it is you desire on a consistent basis, and keeping visuals of the desire where you can see them throughout the day. You do not need to lose your job or drop out of school to do this. Just taking about 15 minutes a day to clear your mind of anything else but the desires of your heart that you would like to see in your life is enough time to jump-start the manifestation process.

When you are thinking of what you want, allow yourself to forget the current conditions in your life. If you are experiencing less than desirable situations, it is because you are likely thinking of everything you DON'T have and how difficult that is making your existence. In general, we are conditioned to focus on the LACK of what we want instead of the DESIRE of what we wish to have. It's just a simple mind trick to shift your focus from lack and displeasure of what you perceive as a void in your live, to focusing on what you WANT and what the pleasure of having it will bring. You will know if your focus is not where is should be by how you feel. If you are feeling bad, you're focusing on what is going on in your life right now that you do not want to experience. But if you are feeling good, your focus is on what your life will be when your desires come to life!

Step Four: Believe that you create your reality and get EXCITED to live your dreams!

Manifestation is real. Everything that you see around you in your life was once a thought in your mind that you believed you deserved and as a result, it manifested into your experience. Nothing comes to you without first your belief that it will be so. Everything ever created since the beginning of time was a thought, dream, or idea that someone had that was backed by the belief that it could become a tangible reality. And since this has worked for everything else, why would it not also work for the things you desire when you purposely bring them into existence by creating a desire for them?

You are the co-creator of your life and everything you wish to see in it. You co-create because you are working with the ultimate Creator and divine source that created you to be exactly who you are, and wants nothing more than to see you reach the levels of unconditional happiness that are yours by birthright. You have lived long enough to see creation from what was once a void and YOU have the power to create what you desire in every aspect of your life.

So be clear about what you want, embrace the fact that you are worth everything you desire, focus only on what you wish to see in your life, and BELIEVE that what you give the most energy to will manifest as a reality in your life.

And that is a guarantee.

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